Nature, Humanity and the Earth.


I am interested in nature, from the smallest pebble to the largest mountain, and our interconnectedness with it. Our oldest cultures point to the notion that there is more to our lives than mere appearances, with a deep wellspring of 'oneness, unity, connection and love' that bind us all together, which we have for the most part forgotten.


The 'Rock and Ore pieces' have evolved from my understanding that there is no separation between us and the ground we walk on. In fact nature is a source of wellbeing and healing for us all and it is up to us, as custodians, to treat it with respect and enjoy its embrace.


The Navajo mythology of 'mother earth, father sky' and the "earth witness" Buddha touching the ground, representing the moment of his enlightenment, points towards the earth as the source, through which we come to know ourselves.


R i c h a r d   K   P o t t e r

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