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W A T E R C O L O U R   

L A N D S C A P E S   I I I

I am inspired by the south coast, where I live and when I have time I like to roam with my camera, gathering images for my landscape painting. I am particularly interested in trees and including them in my work. We have to start planting them once again and stop chopping them down. I think that they are more significant than we realise on an environmental and spiritual level. 

Purple Parrot II - Richard K Potter.jpg

Purple Parrot. Watercolour, 2018

Aperture: 21cm x 30cm

Stags at Knole Park. Watercolour

Aperture: 21cm x 30cm

South Downs Countryside II - Richard K Potter.jpg
Path Through the New Forest - Richard K Potter.jpg
The Shoeshine Boy II.jpg

The Shoeshine Boy. Watercolour


Path Through the New Forest. Watercolour, 2022

Aperture: 21cm x 30cm

New Forest Sunset - Richard K Potter.jpg

New Forest Sunset. Watercolour, 2022

Aperture: 21cm x 30cm

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