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'Rock and Ore'

The Rock and Ore paintings are an attempt to draw closer to nature, embedded in the solidity and earthiness of rock. These rock patterns can be seen as part of the luminous language of nature, allowing us access to something deep within, something we already know, but have forgotten.

Rock and Ore: Canyon. Acrylic on canvas (150cm x 100cm)

Available to buy via

Rock and Ore. Acrylic on canvas (120cm x 100cm)

Price: NFS

Rock and Ore: Anasazi. Acrylic on canvas (150cm x 100cm)

Price: £5,100

Rock and Ore II. Acrylic on canvas (120cm x 100cm)

Price: Sold

I have always been deeply interested in older cultures and the wisdom imbued in them. The Tibetan and indigenous American cultures in particular, have given me a rich appreciation of life, our planet and our own true, compassionate natures.

Rock and Ore IV

Acrylic on canvas. 

Rock and Ore: Celestial Pool II

Acrylic on canvas. £260

Rock and Ore: Celestial Pool

Acrylic on canvas. £260

Rock layers and strata create the most beautiful random arrangements - I use these forms to create similar shapes, organising them within the white space of the canvas to create an organic harmony, intended to enthral, captivate and re-connect the viewer to the 'source' or 'higher self'.

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