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'Rock and Ore'

This piece is based on an actual rock formation. I used a lot of green because I associate the pattern with tree rings and the age trees can live too - much longer than we do. I am also deeply sad about the destruction of the Amazon - 'the lungs of the earth', hence the title.

Rock and Ore: Emerald Forest. Acrylic on canvas, 2015 (150cm x 100cm)

Exhibition - Coach House Gallery 2.jpg

Exhibition at The Coach House Gallery, Alfriston, East Sussex in 2019


The geology of volcanism fascinates me - how rock can exist in liquid form in magma chambers and deep below the earth, and how magma tubes are formed, transporting lava to cool and form new land or layers of basalt. This piece represents my concern for this planet and the hell we are unleashing on it and on ourselves.

Rock and Ore - Phlegethon 5 - RKP.jpg

Rock and Ore: Phlegethon. Acrylic on canvas, 2018 (150cm x 100cm)

Rock and Ore - Phlegethon - RKP.jpg
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