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'Rust Never Sleeps'

I was looking at the corrosion that had embedded itself on a copper pipe some time back and I liked the turquoise colour that had formed on what was once a gleaming new surface. Is corrosion a form of violence or is it part of the cycle of life and death, birth and decay. I wanted to represent the colours that I saw emerge from that chemical process by splattering acrylic on canvas. 

The title for this piece was taken from the Neil Young album with the same name. The bright copper coloured acrylic paint brought this piece to life and was sold through the Lewes Gallery to a client who lives in Houston, Texas.

Rust Never Sleeps. Acrylic on canvas (70cm x 140cm). SOLD. 2006

Rust Never Sleeps II. Acrylic on canvas (90cm x 140cm). SOLD. 2005

I have also been intrigued by the Buddhist notion of 'impermanence': everything that comes into being, passes away and that the only thing we can be certain of is change.

This one was sold through the 'Mosaic & Stuff' gallery in Rochester, Kent.

In our cold climate, in the winter months it would be good if we had a 'Festival of Lights'. I used gold acrylic paint on this piece to add a fiery, elemental quality to it.

Diwali: Festival of Lights. Acrylic on canvas. SOLD. 2012

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